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Current News
  • Holiday with the Animals will be on Sunday December 15, 2019. Check it out in the upcoming events

  • Winter Wonderland is set to begin on Black Friday! November 29, 2019

  • The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo is pleased to announce that the gift shop is now open! The shop will be open Friday through Tuesday! 

  • The Zoo is open everyday from 10:00am until 4:30pm. Last admission at 4:00pm. The Zoo is currently free!

  • The train and carousel are currently only in operation for Winter Wonderland. You must buy a ticket for Winter Wonderland to be able to ride the train or carousel.
Nestled in the lively town of Paramus, the Bergen County Zoo is a green oasis in a busy world. The Bergen County Zoo is located in Van Saun Park, a name that has been well known in the area since the 1600's. This scenic Zoo and Park is a great escape from the perils of life that you are never too far away from with several nearby highways and large malls. It's roughly 140 acres of peace and solitude. The park has a playground, pavilions, dog park, open fields and sports fields, a pond, lots of history, and of course the Bergen County Zoo. Stop by sometime to relax and take a deep breath of fresh air, learn that charm that has drawn people to this place, and appreciate the world and animals around you!
Sponsor An Animal
Sponsoring an animal is a simple but effective way to personally help an animal. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of veterinarian care, exhibit improvements and enrichment supplies, as well as their grocery bill! (Those cows eat a lot of hay!) With amounts starting at $25 you can chose a specific animal to sponsor. It's a great gift idea for yourself as well as for others, but best of all, its tax-deductible!
Become a Docent
Have extra time on your hands? Looking to support this great zoo? Consider becoming a docent and volunteering and helping this special zoo!
Donate Today
Looking to help a great cause?
the Zoo always has a need, and more than just cash is needed
Help support the zoo and Donate Today

Want to stay up-to-date on current events happening at the zoo? The Bergen County Zoo has its very own newsletter filled with new and informative ongoing projects, as well as fun factoids about the animals and zoo!