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AZA, Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, and Christopher Radko Announce Partnership to Help Combat Tiger Trafficking

The new ornament will support global efforts to end the trafficking of tigers.


Press Release Link: 


Silver Spring, MD (July 21, 2021) – The Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (WTA), a program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and Rauch Industries, makers of the world-famous Christopher Radko ornaments, today announced a two-year partnership to combat wildlife trafficking around the world with a tiger-themed Christmas ornament.


Made from blown glass, the new ornament, titled “The Coolest Cats,” features a hand-painted tiger and cub. Tigers are under threat from human activities such as poaching, illegal trade, and habitat destruction. A percentage of the sales from this ornament will benefit the WTA’s global initiatives to combat tiger trafficking.


“There are few things as recognizable on a holiday tree as a Christopher Radko glass ornament. They spark conversation as soon as they come out of their box,” said Sara Walker, AZA’s Senior Advisor on Wildlife Trafficking. “Our partnership not only provides a beautiful ornament to consumers but also gives them a direct way to help combat the senseless trafficking of tigers. We are very excited to be working with such an iconic brand!” 


The ornament made its world debut for retailers at The Gift Show in Atlanta, Ga., last week as part of the company’s charity line. It is now available for pre-order at the Christopher Radko website. 


“We are thrilled to start this incredible partnership with the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance and to have the opportunity to help protect these beautiful animals. We cannot wait to see the success of this piece and the large impact that it will have on helping combat trafficking of tigers.”  Amy Pearson, Vice President of Design, Product Development and Brand Marketing at Christopher Radko.


To pre-order “The Coolest Cats,” visit:


For more information about the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, visit


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Nestled in the lively town of Paramus, the Bergen County Zoo is a green oasis in a busy world. This Zoo is located in Van Saun Park, a name that has been in the area since the 1600's. This scenic Zoo and Park is a great escape from the perils of life.  The park has a playground, pavilions, dog park, sports and open fields, a pond, lots of history, and of course the Bergen County Zoo. Stop by sometime to relax and take a deep breath of fresh air, learn that charm that has drawn people to this place, and appreciate the world and animals around you!

Bergen County Zoo's Education Staff Install an Osprey Nest
Raritan Bay - Union Beach, NJ

Our education staff volunteered with Save Coastal Wildlife to install a new osprey nest!
Check it out below and check out Save Coastal Wildlife's website!

Iconic North Jersey Zoo is Now Open for Visitors -
Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is now operated by the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo!

We have snacks, ice cream, a great variety of plush animals, shirts, and educational books!

Stop by sometime and see the great gifts you can get yourself or others!

Education and Discovery Center

The Education and discovery Center is the first building on your right once you enter the zoo. It is where we house some of our reptiles and amphibians. We host our birthday parties, summer camps, and scout programs. The center has a theatre, classroom, activities, and bathrooms. 

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Here at the Bergen County Zoo we believe that animal preservation is key for future success. No Animal should go extinct especially if it is because of poachers, deforestation, or global change. Every year we find communities that help animals thrive in the wild and keep them off the endangered species list. 

Sponsor An Animal

Sponsoring an animal is a simple but effective way to personally help an animal. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of veterinarian care, exhibit improvements, enrichment supplies, as well as their grocery bill! (Those cows eat a lot of hay!) With amounts starting at $25 you can chose a specific animal to sponsor. It's a great gift idea for yourself as well as for others, and its even tax-deductible!

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