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Here is a list of AZA affiliated zoos 

Participation is subject to change. Please contact the Zoo or Aquarium you plan to visit BEFORE your visit.
(Note:Turtle Back Zoo does NOT reciprocate with our membership. Their entrance & membership fees are at higher rates, therefore, they will not accept our membership at this time.)

GIFT CARDS COMING SOON!!! Stay tuned for information & procedure.  They will be available on Community Pass!

Next Event

National Cotton-Top Tamarin Day
August 17, 2019

Visit for information at the zoo!
The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo utilizes Community Pass:

Community Pass allows you to safely and securely register you and your family for memberships and special member events.  Among the many great features is the ability to make transactions by credit card.  

All new memberships and renewals are processed through CommunityPass. If you are already on CommunityPass, you can simply add Friends of the Bergen County Zoo to your account.  If you do not have a CommunityPass account, you can create one by going to CommunityPass and following the easy instructions on the site.  

Please be sure you create an account with the Friends and ensure you have added the two adults and children (up to 4) in your household that you will apply your membership to (where applicable). (additional members may be added for a fee)

If you have any questions, pelase feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.
Check out the Bergen County Zoo Home Page for additional information about events and programs going on at the Zoo.