Penny Press

Do you collect Pressed Pennies?
The Bergen County Zoo is home to a Penny Press Machine!
Located on the side of the Gift shop


$0.50 + your penny
you will need two quarters and one penny
(yes, You really press the penny you put into the machine!)

Check out the 4 types our machine makes, all designs say our location; Bergen County Zoo 
Collect all 4!

There are no electronics in the machine, there is a hand crank that you must crank in a clockwise direction to press your penny.

To use the machine:
1. Line up the two arrows with the design you want
2. Insert two quarters and one penny in the appropriate slots
3. Press the coins in
4. Once they go in, start cranking the handle
5. It's easy at first but then you actually will start crushing the penny!
6. Once you finish pressing it, the penny will fall into the shoot below!

Enjoy your new Souvenir!!!