Upcoming Events 

May 27th World Turtle Day

June 10th World Oceans Day

June 17th Condor Day

July 16th Snake Day

July 22nd Monkey Day

August 5th Owl Day

August 12th Elephant Day

August 20th Cotton-Top Tamarins Day

September 3rd Bear Awareness Day

September 23rd World Rhino Day

October 7th Farm Animals Day

October 15th Sloth Day

November 4th National Bison Day

November 19th America Recycles Day

November 19th Wild Turkey Day

December 2nd Anteater Day

December 10th  Holidays with the Animals


The Friends of the Zoo are scheduled to meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Education Center.

** If you plan to attend a meeting, please email the Friends ( to let them know you plan to attend - from time to time, the meetings are held via conference call or held during the day based on the volunteers' availability.  Thank you **