Red Wolf

The Red wolves are officially here!
and can be seen year-round!

You can view them in the North American section across from the Prairie Dogs

That's right we are happy to say that in the summer of 2021 we have officially received two young male Red Wolves. we had a grand opening to celebrate their arrival on October 1, 2021.
We received these Red Wolves with the hope that and day they will help support the Red wolf population, which is critically endangered.

Red wolves are one of two different species of wolves living in the Americas. The other species is more notably known, the Grey Wolf. 
Red wolves were once native to a large portion of the Southern East coast of America, from roughy New Jersey to eastern Texas to Florida. 
Currently there are  only an estimated 20 Red Wolves left in the wild.
Conservation efforts are hard at work to keep this species from becoming another extinct animal.